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Who We are?

RCMassist Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a revenue cycle management solutions provider for healthcare organizations. It is founded by a group of experts in the healthcare domain, be it healthcare administration, healthcare promotion & marketing, Health insurance processing, back-end operations or revenue realisation and reconciliation. The team has a collective experience spanning over 5 decades with the best names of the healthcare insurance TPAs/Insurance companies as well as some of the leading healthcare providers of Kerala.

We support healthcare providers with expertise, data and process management and functions as a bridge that unifies the clinical delivery side with the business side of a healthcare organization by managing, collecting, and optimizing the revenue generated by the patient services provided.

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We deliver, proven Return on Investments across the entire credit revenue streams, thus enabling you to achieve the revenue cycle you’ve always envisioned – one that promotes patient satisfaction and improves financial performance. We will be the one trusted partner to manage the credit revenue, so hospitals can focus on their primary objective of patient care, without worrying about the credit operations and revenue realisation.

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Why Us

  • Experts in Healthcare & Health Insurance Domain
  • 5 Decades of experience in Healthcare
  • NO to fault finding, YES to fact finding
  • Holistic Approach
  • Robust and time-tested Process
  • Adaptive to the core
  • Habit of Excellence

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  • Strategic Thinking
  • Gap Analysis
  • Customised Solutions
  • Precise Execution
  • Data Analysis Process Audit
  • Measuring Effectiveness
Cashless Claims Processed


Cashless Claims Processed

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Contracts Negotiated

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Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the process that  a health care provider uses to track patient service revenue from the time of account creation to the final payment. In other words, it refers to all the administrative actions and tasks that constitute the capture, management, and collection of treatment expenses incurred on a credit patient by the healthcare provider.

Based on the size and scale of operations of the facility, RCM can be managed inhouse or outsourced. When the scale operations are increased by way of increased patient footfall from insurance sector, empanelment of multiple government schemes and tie-up with direct corporates etc., it makes sense to outsource the RCM services to Professional teams. This will save the healthcare provider much time, energy and resources in credit services operations, processing of claims and following up of payments from credit parties.   

The Scope of Revenue Cycle Management include end-to-end credit management of Health Insurance, Government Health Schemes such as ESI, ECHS, KASP, MEDISEP,  Ayushman Bharath etc. and other Direct Corporate Tie-ups like BPCL, IOCL, HPCL, ONGC, Cochin Shipyard, Apollo Tyres etc.
The RCM process begins with receiving the of patients → Insurance Counselling & Eligibility Verification → Treatment → Budgeting Preauthorisation management including processing of initial cashless approval, query management (if any), Interim bill enhancement approval and collection of advances (if any) → final approval management during discharge → Collection of Co-pay, Non- Medical Expenses, Difference Amount → Patient Settlement → Database Management → Claim Docket Preparation and uploading to Payer Portal → Hardcopy Submission with respective payers → Query Management (if any) → Payment follow up → Payment reconciliation → Settlement of account → Resettlement of Short payment (if any) → MIS Reports → Audit Management.

The key objective of RCM is to ensure STRONG BOTTOM LINE BUSINESS. Bringing in an expert team will help the Healthcare Organisation to focus on their primary objective of patient care.  A professional RCM team will help in faster recovery of pay-out from payers, reducing revenue leakages, collection of patient payables with accuracy, lesser grievances from patients due to delay in insurance approval processing etc .

  • Patient Centric approach and increased patient experience
  • Better Payer Relationship
  • Reduced Days of Outstanding
  • Increment in Business volume- both in numbers and revenue
  • Control on Revenue Leakages
  • 100% Adherence to the tariff and MOU terms and Conditions agreed with the payers
  • Better management of Internal and External finance audit
  • 100% Adherence to MIS Reporting etc.